Stereos, Zoom magnification and Fixed Magnification

Jenco GL7 with camera, computer

Well built Stereo Zooms for diverse applications

Their Greenough design is time tested; high caliber optics reveal bright images. 

Identify specimens in Biological, earth and plant science, to Microelectronics, Medical Device and small parts assembly

Wide Zoom range, High Resolution

The GL Series @ 7:1 zoom ratio with 45X maximum power or 6:1 ratio with 65X max. offers remarkable optics, clean design and renowned stands.

The DG6 Series @ 6.4:1 ratio offers performance at an affordable price for routine tasks.

Fixed magnification stereos for quick analysis

Simple to use, ST-F800 Series magnification is fixed at 10X and 30X, only two powers on each model. Additional models available to 40X maximum.  New magnification change knob works easier. Optics deliver crisp images, high contrast.

Dependable and Reliable

Industry leading 5 Year Warranty confirms reliability; 20 year history of dependable support continues. Stable design contributes to ease of use and comfort over time.

Series Comparison

GL Series Zoom Stereo has it all

Jenco GL7-305 with FP-150B light source

Outstanding optics result in Superb depth of field, long working distance, and a wide, flat field of view. Choose LED illuminated or non-illuminated stands

DG6 Series Zoom Stereo is affordable

Jenco DG6-3M Digital stereo zoom microscope

The impressive zoom range: 0.7-4.5X reveals details not usually seen at this price level. 

DG6-3M is digital - transferring images to a computer via USB2.0 cable for measurement software, included, to capture and display, annotate or store.

ST-F800 Series Fixed Magnification Stereo

Jenco ST-F802 fixed magnification stereo microscope

Their design mimics advanced zoom stereos for ease of use. Bright, clear images at low magnification for quick and detailed analysis. 

Boom Stands maximize work area

Jenco boom stand GL7-207

Moves on three axis to fully examine large specimens, quickly. Requires accessory illumination.

Streamlined Post and LED illuminated Stands

Jenco GL6-3L zoom stereo microscope

Comfortably rest your hands during Drosophila typing, Dissection, Crystal analysis and Small Parts Assembly. 

Stage is Streamlined @ one inch high, so resting while working is a natural position.


Jenco FO-150B Light source & dual gooseneck

FO-150B: Light Source; 150 Watt halogen bulb, fan cooled, with Bifurcated Fiber Optic light guide

Most popular accessories include 

  • Auxiliary Lenses to reduce or increase magnification
  • Reticles/Micrometers: scale, calibration and more
  • Eye pieces - 10X or higher magnification

Light Bulbs for Jenco Stereo microscopes:

  • LB-15WH, Halogen, 15W, 6V
  • LB-15WHR, Halogen, 15W, 6V reflector
  • LB-5WF, Fluorescent, 5W, 6V