Upright, Inverted; Outstanding Optics; 3 performance levels

Jenco BK-311 Upright Light Compound microscope, trinocular for camera attachment

Uprights for Life Science

Excellent for research and routine applications: hematology, wet prep, gram stains, cell identification/counting; 

BK Series is Level 1:

infinity planachromatic objectives deliver excellent clarity, flatness, true color reproduction, optimal contrast with Koehler illumination; biggest stage, modules or kits available for leading techniques

CK Series is Level 2:

infinity E-planachromatic are economical yet bright; compact and durable. Digital version and Education version available

Level 3 is CP Series

DIN achromatic, clear and high contrast, smaller field of view;  Small and light, monocular and 3 objective models available for tight budgets 

Inverted for Cell Culture

Applications include: Cell biology, Immunology, cancer research for determining cell types, morphology of Mammalian, Epithelial cells, Cell counting, Cell Culture

All are trinocular models for camera attachment.

CP-5 is Level 1

Seven each Infinity Planachromatic objectives provide extraordinary image resolution. Brilliant Phase Contrast for scanning, counting cells, Now easier with low power 5X. LED 9 watt illumination and mechanical stage.

CP-2A1 is Level 1

Proven design and excellent Phase Contrast, six planachromatic objectives, swing out-long working distance condenser accommodates large vessels, 30W halogen illumination.

CP-5S and CP-2A1S are Level 3

Plain version of above units; flat Fixed Stage and three objectives make for simple operation.

Dependable and Reliable

Industry leading 5 Year Warranty confirms reliability; 20 year history of dependable support continues    All metal construction; all glass parts adds to Reliability - no plastic to scratch or fade. Modern design is stable.  

Series Comparison

BK Series is Best

BK-311 trinocular compound microscope

Highest Quality Infinity Plan optics deliver Brilliant images; Universal platform allows kits/modules for advanced applications like Phase Contrast, Polarization and Fluorescence.

BK Series specifications

CK Series delivers Clarity with Affordability

Jenco CK-102 compound microscope

E-plan optics combine with Ease of Use design that students and clinics find approachable. 

CK Series details

CP Series offers standard features

CP135-M3 Jenco compound microscope

Smaller frames for storage still deliver clear images at high magnification. Built for cost savings, options include monocular heads.

Entry Level Microscopes

Kits on modular system add versatility

Jenco BK-2PL Polarization microscope

Expand capabilities of BK Series to include fluorescence, polarization, metallurgical with kits/modules.

BK Series Kits add Functionality

CP-5 Inverted is New

Jenco CP-5S Inverted Compound microscope, flat stage, 5X Phase contrast

Low power 5X phase contrast reveals large field for cell counting

CP-5 Inverted details

CP-2A1 has proven design

Jenco CP-2A1 Inverted Compound microscope, bright phase contrast

A reputation of fulfilling Cell Culture needs, CP-2A1 sharp phase contrast optics enhance see through specimens for exacting analysis.

CP-2A1 specifications

Cameras and Accessories

Digital technology from Camera systems

Jenco 59-3M color video camera, 3 Megapixel resolution, with adapter for Jenco and software

Video cameras require trinocular microscopes and C mount adapters. Jenco includes adapters (appropriate for model and adapters fit only Jenco microscopes) with cameras. All Jenco Inverted microscopes are trinocular. All other Jenco microscopes have trinocular option.

Dgital Cameras, Video and Snapshot

Built-in technology; Model CK-3M

Jenco CK-3M Digital Upright light compound microscope with 3 Megapixel resolution camera

Model CK-3M, part of the CK Series, has video camera built-in, transfering images via USB 2.0 cable, to computer. No adapters required.

CK-3M specifications

Compound Microscope Accessories

Jenco BK-PHP Kit; Phase Contrast, fits Primary model BK-211

 Most popular items include 

  • Kits - Phase Conrast: BK-PHP Polarization: BK-PL and Fluorescence: BK-EF
  • Reticles/Micrometers: scale, calibration and more
  • Eye pieces - 10X or higher magnification

Light Bulbs for Jenco Compounds, if not LED, require Halogen:

Upright: LB-20WH, 2 pin, 20W, 6V

Inverted: LB-30WH, 2 pin, 30W, 6V